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Genuine K2 Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Meter, with 5 led lights. A must Buy For Anyone Amateur Or Professional Ghost Hunter. This is the real USA meter

NOT the cheep fake from china

LCD EMF & Temperature Meter with Alarm Multi Purpose Work Home Ghost Hunting Paranormal Equipment UK.

This is a must have item for a Ghost Hunter to record a change in ElectroMagnetic Fields in your space, this one also has a temperature reading 

All Equipment We Sell Is From Amazon

This is a bestselling ghost hunting product, the Spiritpod X1S creates its own static field and triggers if anything living or dead comes within its vicinity. It comes in two versions, the X1 and the X1S. The X1 comes with sound and the X1S is silent, some people prefer the X1S as it doesn't interfere with EVP sessions etc. It's similar to the popular rem pod and detects spirits in the same way. The spirit pod x1s generates its own static EMF field, and detects anything that enters its field. This includes humans, spirits and anything supernatural which is made up of energy.